Follow along as we restore a classic Subaru 360 Van

1958. MAR Subaru 360 minicar unveiled

On March 3, 1958, a passenger car with a distinctive individuality was released: the Subaru 360. At the time, Japanese automobile manufacturers were working on developing small "people's" cars as advocated by the Japanese government. With its roots in aircraft manufacturing, Subaru took up the challenge of building a small, affordable car that could perform well, and the four-passenger, four-wheel Subaru 360 minicar became a milestone in the history of Japan's automobile industry. Dubbed the Ladybird due to its distinct shape, the Subaru 360 enjoyed tremendous popularity for more than a decade before finally ceasing production in May 1970.

1961. FEB Subaru Sambar truck released

1st generation Sambar
In February 1961, the Subaru Sambar made its debut. The Sambar, based on the Subaru 360, was a truck that was outstandingly pleasant to ride and stable to drive. Compared with other four-wheel minitrucks of its day, the Subaru Sambar had the lowest deck body and the roomiest cargo bed. With its ability to neatly negotiate narrow street corners, this minitruck was a breath of fresh air in the industrial world. The following September, the Sambar Light Van was launched as a vehicle for not only commercial use, but also leisure use. With the Sambar, Subaru became firmly established as a manufacturer of light passenger vehicles.

1966. JAN New Sambar released

2nd generation Sambar
Released in 1966 and dubbed the "New Sambar." Featuring a refined front grille and overall design, and also available with an optional variable gearbox offering 6 forward and 2 reverse gears.

Naming: English for "Indian deer."
*Source Subaru

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